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Wall Street

First single featuring Don and D. Mears from Remy’s debut mixtape “NYC:New Young Carter”.


Kinetic third single featuring Don off “Excused From Being Naasty“. 

Provocative second single off  “Excused From Being Naasty“. The song features Young Snap & Lunnatik (the remaining members of Hi Depthinition). 

Entertaining first single from J. Naasty’s “Excused From Being Naasty” 

After much anticipation Selector Fabulous sits down with the C.O.O of the Deeper movement to discuss the purpose of the movement, upcoming projects, current singles from the team, and other things! Tune In 

The creatively intriguing  third single off “Hope All Is Well” featuring Don and J. Naasty. 

The mischievous and rambunctious second single off “Hope All Is Well” introducing “The Team” and featuring Don. 

The booming first single from D. Mears debut mixtape “Hope All is Well” representing the pride in the city. 

What I Feel

The controversial opinionated 4th single off “Bo$$Don“. 

Hard Nights

Immediately after the 2012 ball drops Don shares his anguish and vexations in his third single off “Bo$$DonHard Nights.